Our Story

Founded by Chris as a by product of a merchant business, 3DCNC aims to fill a market requirement for architectural fittings


Architectural 3+4 Axis/CNC lathe production!

With our in house capacity in 4 axis mill and cnc lathe coupled with our in house source for raw materials in copper, brass and bronze 3DCNC separates itself from anyone else in Australia.  While the in house drawing/design capcity assures customers can get the exact item they’re after to top off that special project in a timely fashion with something that can’t be bought anywhere

3D Scanning

With our Shining 3d Einscan we have the capacity to record data to 0.25mm accuracy of complex shapes and supply this to customers in a variety of formats to complete their projects, these files can be used for 3d printing, fluid dynamics, structural testing or CNC machining

3d scanned ford fg plastic rocker cover

Laser Engraving

An additional touch to those final projects in terms of both branding and design, we offering fibre laser engraving on all copper based alloys/metallics we produce, this can be as simple as a company logo or as detailed as a floral design on an end cap for that finishing touch for the client


As of late November 2021 in house capacity to waterjet cut nearly any material in dimensions of 1800mm x 3600mm and a thickness of upto 150mm will be available to us, promising quick turn around times and the benefit of customers not requiring to hold expensive scrap material

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