Brass Angle

Please find our current list of brass angle below a table for each grade of material stocked, pricing can be viewed by clicking “check price” on the relevant product

Brass C38010 EQUAL ANGLE

SKULeg 1 (mm)xLeg 2 (mm)xThickness(mm)Click to
check Price $
BR380/12.7×12.7×1.59×3600 Angle 12.7 x 12.7 x1.59Check Price
BR380/12.7×12.7×3.18×3600 Angle 12.7 x12.7x 3.18 Check Price
BR380/15.88×15.88×1.59×3600 Angle15.88x15.88x1.59Check Price
BR380/15.88×15.88×3.18×3600 Angle15.88x15.88x3.18Check Price
BR380/19.05×19.05×1.59×3600 Angle 19.05 x 19.05 x1.59Check Price
BR380/19.05×19.05×3.18×3600 Angle 19.05 x 19.05 x 3.18 Check Price
BR380/20x20x2.0x3600 Angle20.0x 20.0 x 2.0Check Price
BR380/25.4×25.4×1.59×3600 Angle 25.4 x 25.4 x 1.59 Check Price
BR380/25.4×25.4×3.18×3600 Angle 25.4 x25.4x 3.18 Check Price
BR380/25.4×25.4×6.35×3600 Angle 25.4 x 25.4 x 6.35Check Price
BR380/31.75×31.75×3.18×3600 Angle 31.75 x 31.75 x 3.18 Check Price
BR380/38.1×38.1×3.18×3600 Angle38.1x 38.1 x 3.18 Check Price
BR380/50.8×50.8×3.18×3600 Angle 50.8 x 50.8 x 3.18 Check Price
BR380/50.8×50.8×6.35×3600 Angle 50.8 x 50.8 x 6.35Check Price
BR380/63.5×63.5×3.18×3600 Angle63.5x 63.5 x 3.18 Check Price


SKU Leg 1 (mm) XWidth (mm)xThickness(mm)Click to
check Price $
BR380/25.4×12.7×3.18×3600 Angle 25.4 x 12.7 x3.18Check Price
BR380/38.1×25.4×3.18×3600 Angle 38.1 x 25.4 x 3.18 Check Price
BR380/50.8×25.4×3.18×3600 Angle 50.8 x 25.4 x 3.18 Check Price

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