Brass Flat Bar

Please find our current list of brass flat bar below a table for each grade of material stocked, pricing can be viewed by clicking “check price” on the relevant product

Brass C38010 (additional C38500 grades at bottom of page)

SKUWidth (mm)xThickness(mm)Click to
check Price $
BR380/6.35×3.18×36006.35x3.18Check Price
BR380/9.53×3.18×36009.53x3.18Check Price
BR380/12.7×1.59×360012.7x1.59Check Price
BR380/12.7×3.18×360012.7x 3.18 Check Price
BR380/15.88×1.59×3600 15.88 x1.59Check Price
BR380/15.88×3.18×3600 15.88 x 3.18 Check Price
BR380/15.88×4.76×3600 15.88 x 4.76 Check Price
BR380/15.88×6.35×360015.88x6.35Check Price
BR380/15.88×9.53×360015.88x9.53Check Price
BR380/19.05×1.59×360019.05x 1.59 Check Price
BR380/19.05×3.18×3600 19.05 x 3.18 Check Price
BR380/19.05×6.35×3600 19.05 x 6.35 Check Price
BR380/19.05×9.53×360019.05x 9.53 Check Price
BR380/25.4×1.59×3600 25.4x1.59 Check Price
BR380/25.4×3.18×3600 25.4 x 3.18 Check Price
BR380/25.4×4.76×3600 25.4 x 4.76 Check Price
BR380/25.4×6.35×3600 25.4 x6.35Check Price
BR380/25.4×12.7×3600 25.4 x 12.7Check Price
BR380/31.75×1.59×3600 31.75 x 1.59 Check Price
BR380/31.75×3.18×3600 31.75 x 3.18 Check Price
BR380/31.75×4.76×3600 31.75 x 4.76 Check Price
BR380/31.75×6.35×3600 31.75 x 6.35 Check Price
BR380/31.75×9.53×3600 31.75 x 9.53 Check Price
BR380/31.75×12.7×360031.75x12.7Check Price
BR380/38.1×1.59×360038.1x 1.59 Check Price
BR380/38.1×3.18×360038.1x 3.18 Check Price
BR380/38.1×4.76×360038.1x 4.76 Check Price
BR380/38.1×6.35×360038.1x 6.35 Check Price
BR380/50.8×3.18×360050.8x 3.18 Check Price
BR380/50.8×6.35×360050.8 x 6.35 Check Price
BR380/63.5×3.18×360063.5x 3.18 Check Price
BR380/63.5×6.35×360063.5 x 6.35 Check Price
BR380/76.2×3.18×360076.2x 3.18 Check Price
BR380/76.2×4.76×360076.2 x4.76Check Price
BR380/101.6×3.18×3600101.6x 3.18 Check Price
BR380/101.6×6.35×3600101.6x 6.35 Check Price

Brass C38500

SKUWidth (mm)xThickness(mm)Click to
check Price $
BR385/7.0×2.0x36507.0x2.0Check Price
BR385/19.05×9.53×360019.05x9.53Check Price
BR385/25.4×12.7×360025.4x12.7Check Price
BR385/25.4×15.88×3600 25.4 x15.88Check Price
BR385/31.75×9.53×360031.75x 9.53 Check Price
BR385/50.8×9.53×360050.8x 9.53 Check Price
BR385/38.1×12.7×360038.1x12.7Check Price
BR385/50.8×12.7×3600 50.8 x 12.7 Check Price
BR385/76.2×9.53×360076.2x 9.53 Check Price
BR385/101.6×9.53×3600101.6x 9.53 Check Price
BR385/152.4×12.7×3600152.4x 12.7 Check Price

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