The below section aims to answer any questions customers have in respect to purchasing on this site, if your question isn’t listed here feel free to add a question below and we’ll get it answered


Q: Why is the maxiumum length 1800mm long?

A: This is due to shipping requirements. Lengths above 1800mm long may be put up on a 3 meter mezzanine level where you cannot unload unless you have a forklift on site. Our maximum lengths on heavier items is limited by manual handling weight (25kg)

Q: Can the material be aged?

A: Yes. All copper based alloys can be aged and all have unique results when processes are applied, things to consider for your project are,

Consistency of finish, repeatability of finish, reproducibility of finish, longevity of finish, quality of finish. These properties are generally best carried out by an aging professional for professional high grade projects. For the domestic/private user it is certainly achievable to complete these processes yourself depend on your or your clients requires

Q: What is the finish on your products?

A: The standard finish on the products is mill finish and can be seen on the product photos as these are our actual products on the shelf.

Q: What is PVC microfilm?

A: This film is a temporary film applied by our supplier from the factory to keep costs down or also by Australian Metals. The purpose is to temporarily protect the material from light surface damage and scuffing during fabrication, manufacture and installation. After which the coating is removed

Q: What is the best glue/nails/mounting method?

A: Each project will have different requirements relating to design, features and client preferences. There is no real correct or incorrect way to use fixes and these all revolve around the specific project

Common fixes are liquid nails, clip locks, nails, screws and contact adhesives to name a few

Q: How strong is Copper/Brass/Bronze?

A: As a comparison these materials fall in between alluminium and steel for strength as a guide, common these materials are only used as coverings over a sub straight so the structural properties aren’t overly important

Q: How long will all copper based alloys last?

A: Copper based alloys are extremely durable, it isn’t uncommon to see a copper roof or water boiler last 30-50 years. Even take for example your copper water piping

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